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Regain Access to Windows

Forgetting Windows password is a popular problem that happens every day. Such kind of questions can be found in every corner of forums and social networking sites.

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Access Network Files / Folders wiht Windows7 Offline Files

Windows7 offline files is a practical function, you access files on a network location if you cannot access connected to the network. Enable offline files in Windows 7 allows you to computer office network copies of files and local folders stored in the home or in the build.

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Disable Windows 7 UAC Or Change Settings

The Windows7 User access control feature helps in protecting your system from different harmful or malicious activities. Also known as User account Control (UAC) , this Windows7 feature warns you with a popup message when installing programs may harm your system.

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Access System Recovery Options in Windows 7 without a System Repair Disc

In case Windows is not booting or showing some error while booting, it needs to be repaired using a Windows installation disc or system repair disc/recovery disc.

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Sites List for Hosts File to Block Malicious Website Access

With each passing day, the security concerns over Internet are growing and gaining bigger dimensions. You never know, which websites and links are harmful and a click on their URL and infect your computer.

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