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Create a Safe Mode Administrator Password on XP

Safe mode is a special operating mode available in all Windows. In safe mode you can not run audio and video files, if you are affected with Trojans or malware and if you are not able to get rid of them then log on to safe mode.

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Free Administrator Tools for Windows 7 – System Utility Freeware

Several Windows 7 admin tools are available on the Internet. This article lists the three top administrator tools for Windows 7. Top Free Administrator Tools for Windows 7.

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How to reset admin password of windows 7?

Did you forget Microsoft Windows administrator password ? You may have forgotten the password and therefore Windows does not allow you to enter , Click on the “?” To see the password hint that can help you remember the password.

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Windows 7 Administrator Privileges

Trying to do something in Windows 7 that asks for administrative privileges? This is a Windows 7 security implant used to make sure that specific files, apps, processes, and other system changing tasks are done on a secure level.

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Windows 7 Exchange Administrator Tools

The Microsoft Exchange Server is basically used by the client to handle calendars, email, contacts and data storage. It can also be used to maintain access to online and mobile information.

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