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Boot from a CD or DVD in Windows 7

Booting from a disc is sometimes necessary when you want to run repair or password recovery tools. You’ll also need to boot from a disc if you are planning to reinstall Windows 7 or to use some troubleshooting tools.

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Dual Boot Windows 7

Since Windows 7 was announced, everybody is excited to try the new computer operating system, which has come from the Microsoft stables. There has been a frenzy to download it, but most of us want to dual boot Windows 7 with the existing operating system we have.

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Windows 7 Boot Manager

Perhaps the best Windows operating system version launched so far, Windows 7 has many new features compared to its predecessors. If you are planning to dual boot Windows 7, with another pre-installed Windows XP or Windows Vista installation from separate drives, you need to know about the Windows 7 boot manager.

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Run Windows 7 with Boot Camp Support

Mac OS X boasts a number of features, but some programs are still being designed for Windows only. If you have a copy of Windows 7 and Boot Camp support on your Mac, you can run both OS X and Windows on the same computer. You’ll then have the choice of Windows or OS X when you boot your Mac.

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