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Change Windows 7 Display Settings

You’re monitor runs at an optimal resolution that it might currently not be displayed at. The optimal resolution will display the computer images at the best possible clarity and sharpness that the monitor can do.

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Change Windows 7 Logon Screen Background with 5 Free / Easy Tools

Are you bored of the default windows 7 logon screen? If you are a person with different tastes and keep shuffling things time to time then it is a good idea to have your windows logon screen changed whenever you like and with the background image of your choice.

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How to Change Password Icons in Windows

Many people enjoy customizing their computer as much as possible. You change your background, screensaver and the colors of your icons. You can continue this customization on Windows computers by changing the picture of your password icon.

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Change Windows 7 Sleep Time

Does your computer fall asleep on you when you leave it for a minute? Does it ever cut out or shut down when you close the lid and you’d like to leave it running?

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Windows 7 Change password Problem?

I have windows 7 Professional and im the admin. When i try to change or remove my password a window comes up saying…

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Change Windows 7 Language

If you are wondering how to change the computer language in Windows 7, this article explains changing computer language in Windows 7 user interface and in the Welcome screen.

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