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Create your Own HotKey in Windows 7

Both the Windows 7 and XP have some hotkeys to do things easily and quickly. As example, the Win + E key combination will open the Windows explorer. Again if you press Win + U then it will open Accessibility Utility Manager.

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Configure Admin Rights for More Secure Windows 7

A new study from BeyondTrust, a software developer focused on solutions for managing privileges in Windows, has some interesting results for organizations that have made the switch to Windows 7.

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Configure Parental Controls in Windows 7 to Restrict Computer And Internet Usage Of Your Kids

If your kids spend to much time on Facebook or computer games all day long, you might want to limit computer usage for your children. This is, if the parental control, you can Windows 7 parental controls to use to manage how you spend your time your children on the computer until deadlines be set, access to some programs or Web pages and so on.

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Add and Configure Windows 7 Gadgets

Windows 7 comes with a wide range of additional tools to increase productivity and improve your desktop area equipped. They range from a watch to monitor a currency rate and can be positioned deleted again.

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Windows 7 Snap Feature: Use, Configure, or Disable

Windows 7 unveiled a number of really neat Aero features when they launched the OS, but some of them can be a little bit annoying. If you like resizing your windows manually, you may want to turn off the “Snap Feature.” Fortunately for you, it’s a….SNAP!

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