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All You need to know for Windows 7 Control Panel

The Windows 7 Control Panel has a number of system setting and customization options. This article includes an overview of the main Control Panel categories and options, and some tips for searching the Control Panel and expanding shortcuts.

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Windows 7 Parental Controls

I am sure your heart will be full of troubles if your kids are always using a PC and you’re probably worried about how much time they spend, what kind of games they’re playing.

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Use Remote Desktop App to Control Windows 7 With iPad

You can control Windows 7 with an iPad using a Remote Desktop App you can download for free through the iTunes store. The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) has been around for years and allows users to access a PC from another PC on the same network or from half-way around the world.

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Disable Windows 7 UAC Or Change Settings

The Windows7 User access control feature helps in protecting your system from different harmful or malicious activities. Also known as User account Control (UAC) , this Windows7 feature warns you with a popup message when installing programs may harm your system.

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Control Windows 7: Kinect Hacked

The Microsoft [MSFT] Kinect has certainly been good for hacking and making it do things that Microsoft didn’t originally plan for it to do.

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