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Fix unbootable Windows from Recovey Console

This is an update on my unbootable laptop. For the initial repair operation you can read here: Ubuntu saved me once again. It seems that my fix using the Ubuntu was just temporary Today when I arrived from work, started my laptop but surprise, it didn’t boot again.

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Fix Internet Problems in Windows 7

Most internet problems in Windows 7 can be detected and resolved pretty quickly, meaning you can get back to surfing the web without calling out an engineer.

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Computer Repair Software for Windows 7

You’ve probably encountered commercials on radio, TV or online, promising software that will “double your speed” or repair common problems such as viruses, spam, popups or registry errors.

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Fix Windows 7 Performance Problems with Windows Troubleshooting Tools

A friend called me and told me he took his laptop “forever” to load. I asked them some basic questions to help determine the problem and put it to many applications load at startup.

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