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Windows Servers Hacked at The Hartford Insurance Company

Hackers have broken into The Hartford insurance company and installed password-stealing programs on several of the company’s Windows servers.

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Crack Password on HP PC

Hewlett-Packard continued its sprint ahead of the competition in the first quarter of 2011, remaining the No. 1 PC vendor in the world, according to data collected by the research firm Gartner. In my received E-mail that people ask to recover lost PC password, a quarter of people are using HP PCs.

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Hack Password for Dell Netbook

Are you using Dell laptop / notebook? As many statistical analysis report said, Dell takes a large percent of laptop market share. You, me and he might be using it. Unfortunately, we often forget the password then can’t access the computer.

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Windows Phone 7 Hack Lets you Bypass the Marketplace

The ChevronWP7 tool is a handy bit of software that allows you to sideload apps on to your Windows Phone 7 smartphone which essentially, bypasses the Windows Market Place. Windows Phone is generally locked for those who are not developers.

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