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Secure Windows Phone 7 with Seven Tricks

its always a good practice to follow some basic steps to ensure the security of your smart phone, since you carry your important data and your virtual world in it!

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Configure Admin Rights for More Secure Windows 7

A new study from BeyondTrust, a software developer focused on solutions for managing privileges in Windows, has some interesting results for organizations that have made the switch to Windows 7.

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Windows 7 more secure than Snow Leopard, says hacker

Snow Leopard lacks security features that are built in to Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, a noted Mac researcher has said.

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Top 5 tips to Secure Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 (formerly known as Vienna and Blackcomb) is a complete new version in windows family for use on personal computers, including business PC’s. Windows 7 comes with built-in security features to make the product highly secure & usable.

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How to Secure Your Smartphone

With phones falling into the wrong hands every day and California residents subject to warrantless cellphone searches, now’s a pretty good time to think about protecting your smartphone. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy and we’ll walk you through the process.

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10 Ways to Secure Windows 7

Securing Microsoft’s Windows 7 is easy. With a more powerful user friendly UAC, firewall, sharing features and user interface; Windows 7 can be secured to help protect your valuable data.

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