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Fix Windows 7 Black Screen on Startup

Got black screen of death when booting up Windows 7? This powerful Windows 7 black screen repair tool helps you fix Win7 black screen when booting up and make the PC boot normally.

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Windows 7 Startup Recovery feature

A lot of times if Windows can’t boot properly because of a hardware change, unexpected shutdown, or other errors, it will come up with the Windows Error Recovery screen. This gives you the option to go into Startup Repair or try to boot Windows normally.

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Speed up Windows Startup – Remove Unwanted Startup Processes

As you install more applications, they consume more resources on your computer to auto-start – even as Windows is loading. This makes you wait for ages to get the desktop – as the essential processes have to share the limited resources.

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Repair Windows 7 Startup Blue Screen

If you get a Windows 7 blue screen on startup, it could mean anything from having an incorrectly installed driver to some kind of hardware conflict. In this article, we’ll cover what you can do if blue screens prevent you from getting into Windows.

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