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Turn off Password Expiration in Windows 7

I found it annoying when Windows 7 one day told me that my User password was about to expire. Is there a quick easy way to disable Windows 7 Password Expiration?

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Turn Off Autoplay For Removable Media In Win7

Most malware applications spread because of the Autorun feature, which automatically executes a said file mentioned in the autorun.inf file located at the root of any removable device like USB.

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Turn Off UAC in Windows 7

User Account Control (UAC) was introduced in Windows Vista as a way to prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. It provided protection but at a cost: You were constantly being bombarded with annoying pop-ups.

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Turn Off Security Pop-ups on Windows 7

Hello, as you may have noticed upon switching to the Windows 7 platform, an old enemy has been moved up to the new system from vista. Its the User Account Control, and its responsible for those administrative pop-ups asking if you really want to do something.

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