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Taskbar Overlord : Customize Windows 7 Taskbar

Normally when you middle-click on a taskbar icon, Windows 7 opens up a new instance of that application—but that action is also accessible with a Shift+Click as well, so Jay wrote an AutoHotkey script to use the middle-click to close open applications—just like closing a Firefox tab. You can already do this from the thumbnail previews, but this enables the ability on the button itself.

Those of you who had installed Windows 7 should be loving the Taskbar. The Windows 7 taskbar has got excellent features when compared with the older versions of Windows. Though there are many utilities to tweak windows taskbar, it would be good if features are included by default. Windows 7 taskbar has got multiple functionalities like pinning a program, application switching and launching, grouping of multiple windows of the same program, thumbnails, context sensitive shortcuts and many more. If you are still not happy with the current Windows 7 taskbar then you can try out Taskbar Overlord.

Taskbar Overlord Customize Windows 7 Taskbar

He also changed the left-click behavior to switch to the last window you were using of a particular application instead of popping up the preview list—clicking more than once will cycle through the list of open windows, and hovering over the button will still show the thumbnail previews. With this feature, you can switch between windows with a single click instead of always being forced into clicking twice every single time—readers should note that even without Taskbar Overlord you can cycle between application windows by holding the Ctrl key and clicking a Windows 7 taskbar button.

Taskbar Overlord is a simple AutoHotkey script which allows you to restore the last used window by clicking on an icon and middle clicking an icon closes all the windows that are grouped together.

Taskbar Overlord is a free download for Windows 7 only, with the AutoHotkey source code available and separate downloads in case you want one feature but not the other. I’ve been using Jay’s script for a week now, and as far as I’m concerned, this option should be built right into Windows 7.

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