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The most dangerous Virus for Window 7

Recently, few days back, a new report as came under which the most dangerous virus that Zeus V3 Trojan virus is found in most systems and this new virus is known with the new variant that is Zeus Trojan virus that is most complex and sophisticated virus to handle because it resists majority of anti-virus softwares.

t make use of the online connection and steal the information of more than 7 lakhs user who make use of the online banking characteristics and collects their accounts passwords and even transfer the funds of money from their accounts to some other person account automatically without the confirmation of the user and this is very devastating for the online users so be careful from this virus while surfing on the internet.

How it gained the access to any computer?


It acts as the scam for the user and directly gained the security access rights from the user administrative department and controls the command and tools of the server computer and the information is transferred from the server computer to the other which has gained the security access instead of transferring it to the client computer. It is so much dangerous threat that can even steal the millions of funds of the user without there confirmation. So make use of the firewalls and anti-virus soft wares that are updated and activated and provides the notifications alert to the user in case any external user wants to access your computer system.

What are the security measures that need to be taken for the Zeus V3 Trojan horse?

The following are things and the steps that are required to keep your computer protected against the Zeus V3 Trojan horse-

* Make your Log-in and password secure all the time by making use of the sign out and log off facility and always before disclosing your account make sure that you have log off your account and also do not use the facility of the remember my password on this computer as it will also the cause of the hacking up of your personal information. The password of your account should be changed after the regular interval of time that is after the interval of 15 days so that the unknown user cannot access or guess your account information. Moreover, the password must be more than 6 characters and that too consist of the lower, uppercase, numeric data, special characters and after that it is difficult for the unauthorized user to crack your password.

* Always make your personal information private so that the other may not access your security question which is asked when you are trying to gain your old password which you have forgotten. The information may consist of the yours address, mother and father name, nick name, telephone number, security number, GSIS number, Bank account number and email address and do not send this information to any user because may be you are receiving any email from any fake organization that will requires your personal information and ask you to mail them your personal information for getting any prizes/awards and it will really hazardous work to do because” how can one provide you with prizes even though you have-not make any hard work ?” So, be careful for any scam emails notifications on your personal account.

bank-security-hack* Make use of the monitoring and tracking while making any online transactions and always check the history of the online transaction and statements and check for the unauthorized entry or updation in your account and if any then immediately discloses the debit facility from your account and keep your transactions status updated all the time to check for any sort of error, if all your transactions are error free or not? And track the online transaction number provide by the merchants when you are transferring money from your account because the security concern will take action only if you have transaction online status number and check for the bank status and the link through which you are going to make your online transaction.

* Looking for the secure websites and the gateways while making any online transaction on the internet and before transferring any funds on the websites, firstly check the status of that website by making use of the WOT software which will tell how much trustworthy this website is? And try to identified the each and every section of the website and make use of the security authorization certificate that provides you the information about the URL you are using and how much safe it is to make online transaction and you can make this decision by seeing the authenticity of the website. The another way is to make use of the secure soft wares that will encrypts the information when any transaction takes place and do not make use of the hyperlinks to access any website because most of the time, websites that offered the hyperlinks are prone to problems.

* Always use the anti-virus and firewalls that will allow the hackers to hack the personal information from your computer and for that install the separate firewall that prevents the sending of the personal information from your system. The anti-virus which you are using are updated and should be free from vulnerabilities and scan the system automatically after the fixed interval of the time either manually or either automatically to eliminate the malicious action of the malware and keep your financial information save all the time and never force the firewall to allow any file or folder which do not have the published database verification and even do not execute any file before its confirmation because most of the files immediately attach themselves with the other system files and make your system sick.

* When are not using your personal account then do not left it open and always log off your account when you are busy with other work and also clear the cache memory to remove the account information from your system so that to prevent your selves from unwanted stuff and parties and also read the terms and conditions and security policies of transaction of any website and what gateway/proxy that website are using for the payment transfer from one user to another.

* When are using your banking personal account then do not open any other browser at the same time and avoid shared network of the computers while conducing online transactions and disable thefile and printer sharing feature when you are performing operation on any personal data or information. Instead of this, make a permanent connection with the banking institute to discuss the remedies about the online transactions issues.

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