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Tips to speed up your slow performance of Windows 7

You have installed the latest operating system Windows 7 that is on your PC. E ’standing fully the promises made by Microsoft before the launch of Windows 7 But there are several issues, not the operating system is as fast as Windows XP was. Do not worry, you can be faster and fix a slow computer performance and speed of Windows 7

To speed up the slow Windows 7 experience to follow the suggestions above

First, know the hardwareOperating system requirements. The latest offer from Microsoft supports the following hardware configuration.
CPU: More than 2 GB (Dual Core processor or its improved version will be better)
Memory: 1 GB more than the more RAM the better the speed.
Hard disk space: free space on your hard disk should be more than 20 GB and 5 GB for the system cache.
The system supports the default configuration you still have a slow machine, it may be some disturbance inthe operating system is installed. To avoid this anomaly, it is necessary to once again optimize Windows 7 on your PC.

Although these two tasks, the PC is facing problems, there is much to do – how to keep your hard drive must be on a regular basis.

Keep an eye on the free space on your hard disk, and you do not need to store large files in a primary partition.

You need regular cleaning to keep track of files that do not include in your application.

When removing the application, be sure toPerform all tasks successfully.

If PC display an error message each time. This can prevent the PC from the start slowing incredible.

Timely de-fragmenting the hard drive is just as important.

You can also write cache to speed up your operating system.

[Note – Those who do not know all the steps to enable write caching in Windows 7 can perfectly above suggestions to do so.
Click Start, point toSearch.
Write “unit” in the search box and press “Search”.
Choose “Device Manager” in the search results.
Open the Disk Drive branch.
Click the tab for its disk.
Select “Enable write caching enabled on the device.
For maximum performance, select the “Disable Windows write-cache memory on the device Flushing” too.
Click “OK” for Windows 7 faster.]
This is the easiest way to run the operating system quickly and make your PC can runsmoothly.

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