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Top 4 Free Media Player for Windows 7

Media who also audio and video has a significant role in our daily work on the PC. Audio music is usually played when the user writes a document that for surfing or something to read.

There is music in the form of videos, but there are movies only in the video formats. Need a good media player, the media fully playing maximum media file formats to enjoy without the need of additional codec.

It means that the user should at least in position, MP3 collection, play DVDs and mobile video formats on a single media player. Many nice and free media player for Windows operating systems have emerged along the way. It replaces the default media player in Windows.

These media players are friendly with resources and require less space without need for additional codec. 7, A list of the best and free media player is coiled to a discharge when selecting the Media Player for Windows.


KMPlayer for windows 7

It is another fine and free media player for users of Windows 7. This media player has almost no need for external codecs to play a huge media formats. It contains a bundle of options for media enthusiasts. It can work with internal and external filters. The experience of playing media files can be tweaked with a lot of options like changing playback speed, capturing screenshots, favoring a selection in video, and many others.

A wide range of skins is available to give a more personalized look to KM player. It has also support to play incomplete or corrupt AVI files with option to skip damaged parts. The user should face no problem while using KM player on and 64 bit versions of Windows 7. (Download KMPlayer)

GOM Player

GOM Player for windows 7

This free media player can force you to drop all other media players in Windows 7. It comes with a load of codecs to support all popular multimedia formats. Even if a codec is not available to play a files, GOM Player will find an open source alternative and will redirect the user to make an installation.

Its own patented technology can play broken AVI files that are still not completely downloaded. It is possible to take screenshot, customize contrast, brightness, and saturation. Some other video filters are also there. GOM player is fully compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7. (Download GOM Player)

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema for win7

A solid, free, and open source media player which can be used conveniently in Windows 7. It has been built upon core of popular Media Player Classic which was being no longer maintained since 2006. It is extremely light and supports a prominent number of multimedia formats.

In some cases, it may require additional codecs while compared to VLC media player. It also supports anti-tearing, multi-monitor configuration, and playback & recording with compatible TV tuner. The media player is multilingual as well as portable. Media Player Classic Home Cinema works flawlessly on 32 and 64 bit version of Windows 7. (Download Media Player Classic Home Cinema)

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player for windows 7

It is ultimate choice for a free media player in Windows 7. The ease of installation, geniality with resources and support for playback of large media formats make it an awesome media player. The ability to play damaged, corrupted or incomplete media files is awesome. The capabilities to stream over network and to convert media files into different formats are some of its best features.

It also snubs DVD region codes which makes it a global media player. The player has also a collection of basic filters to modify video’s display. A lot of skins are available to change the default look. VLC media player natively supports 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7. (Download VLC Media Player)

These free media players can turn your media experience very pleasant in Windows 7. Do tell us about your experience with any of these media players in Windows 7 by leaving a comment.

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