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Tweak Windows 7 Settings with AeroTweak

Tweaking settings of the operating system is an important point if we want optimal performance from our PC. The need for the behavior occurs especially when we are on the system with low hardware specifications like RAM, processor, etc. In Windows 7 on such systems may experience sudden give and we must use to solve some basic optimizations. Tweaks are basically enable or disable some Windows features that provide additional system resources to make you consume it slowly. With AeroTweak you can apply more than 50 tweaks to windows 7.

AeroTweak is a portable freeware application for windows 7. It is easy to use and provides tweak settings under specific categories like windows explorer, performance and security. It provides explorer tweaks like restore last opened folders at start up, disable aero shake, disable aero snap, adjusting border width etc. Taskbar options can be tweaked easily to remove unwanted icons and disabling aero peek.

In performance, it offers various options such as reducing waiting times for various applications in the system to restart or shut down and disable many applications. The security options are provided helpful / many small windows security settings to disable administrator and system level to enable.

Only thing you have to do with AeroTweak is check or uncheck the functionality you want to add or remove. It also provides you with detailed system information and shows windows activation key. If you have forgot this key, it can be copied for future reference.

Download AeroTweak – Tweak Windows 7 Settings

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