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Use ChevronWP7 to Jailbreak Windows Phone 7

No one likes a mobile phone with too much restrictions and that is the reason why jailbreaking has become so popular and legal. Just like the iPhone, the newly launched Windows Phone 7 (WP7) can now be jailbroken.

To jailbreak Windows Phone 7 all you need is the tool called ChevronWP7. With a jailbroken WP7 users will be able to access, download and install apps outside the official marketplace.

According to developers of ChevronWP7, the tool unleashes the potential of your WP7. The tool provides the ability to unlock Windows Phone 7 device without a market place developer account. With WP7 jailbroken users will be able to download and install experimental apps that in any way could not have made it into the marketplace, until fully developed.

ChevronWP7 developers claim that their tools are safe for use on WP7 and can completely be uninstalled if required. The tool does not damage or modify the operating system in any way. Moreover the app can also relock the phone if needed.

Visit to download the executable file named ChevronWP7.exe.

How to jailbreak Windows Phone 7

Before you proceed you need to check the following
You need the Zune desktop software installed and well, a WP7 phone.
Connect with Zune Client with full sync relationship not as guest.
The tool is compatible with Windows XP SP2 and above.

In case you encounter connection error try restarting the phone and connecting again or try closing WMZuneComm.exe and restarting again.

If you still have a problem, connection, you can try downloading and installing registry key and reboot the system and try again.

The jailbreaking process is pretty simple just follow the check list and see if all is ok and then hit the unlock button and just follow the instructions.

  1. This post is about a month out of date. After discussions with Microsoft, ChevronWP7 was withdrawn by the developer. Even if you were to find a copy of the program somewhere, it wouldn’t really be very useful, because it turns out that Windows Phone 7 devices check for non-certified applications every two weeks, and kill any such apps that are found. – so, you should be prepared to reinstall ChevronWP7 every two weeks.

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