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Watch TV on Window 7 PC

More and more people use the Windows 7,have you ever thought that you can watch broad TV Programming without a TV tuner with Media Center in Windows 7?Now i will show you the way to do it.

Tips:this function cannot be available in every counties.And you may need to use other sofware to get it.

Choose Internet TV

First you should open Windows Media Center and choose TV and then Internet TV.

Next, accept the Terms of Service and Install it.

If you’re a fan of Desktop Gadgets, you can use the WMC one to scroll through shows from the gadget and launch them in WMC.

Now browsing all programms .

Get the latest news and current events type programming such as 60 minutes and nightly news broadcasts.

CBS Classic is always a lot of fun too for checking out the old school shows.

Browse through Golden Globe winning shows and also Netflix (which requires a subscription).

If it’s your first time watching a show you may nee to install the latest version of Adobe Flash.

Click on an episode to find out what it is about and its length…

Now you can sit back and watch some of your favorite programming.


This method is quick to setup and allows you to watch some limited programming on demand with WMC in Windows 7. If you’re looking to watch TV on your computer, this is yet another way of quite a few methods, including several online options .

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