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Will you use Windows 7 Enterprise?

So I’m helping on the mission to determine exactly what the adoption of Windows 7 has been in the business. How did it begin to ask?

Windows 7 Enterprise edition is designed to address the needs of our enterprise customers who have needs around advanced data protection, enabling user productivity and streamlining their PC management. Windows 7 Enterprise is part of the Windows Optimized Desktop offering, which also includes the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) tools and will only be available to customers with Microsoft Software Assurance on their Windows client licenses.

Well, I was on the benefits of Windows 7 in conversation with a close friend of mine and he wasn’t impressed in fact. We had a long strategic discussion on the business case for migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 and for a variety of reasons (which I flatly them at all), he felt that Windows XP would still win again in any discussion CIO of a company before.

  • Security? – the CIO would say we have something place now thats working.
  • Stability? – the CIO would say XP has been around for 100 years and ten million service packs.
  • New exciting Features? – CIO would say whats the immediate ROI and how does this affect my bottom line right now? In this economy?
  • Ease of Use? CIO says my people love Windows XP and have been using it for 10 years, how much eaiser can it get?
  • Legacy App compatibility? – CIO says we like our legacy apps, they aren’t pretty but they work and have gotten us this far

.. and on and on we went.

Will you use Windows 7 Enterprise

Is Windows 7 ready for Enterprise Use?

This session will cover the new features, secrets, and tips for Microsoft’s latest operating system, as well as evaluate Windows 7’s place in the enterprise organization. Is Windows 7 ready for immediate deployment? Enterprises generally like to wait, but with most running on a creaky, Windows XP-based infrastructure, now just might be the time. We’ll examine the TCO benefits of migrating to Windows 7 as well as look at the new features and improvements that will delight users and IT admins alike. We’ll also touch on the “better together” scenarios that are fulfilled when you add Windows Server 2008 R2 and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) 2009 R2 releases to the mix as well.

I on the other hand, have a totally different view. I believe that companies will begin to migrate to Windows 7 in droves come 2011.

I am so sold on the benefits of Windows 7 that i wrote a friggin book about it.

Hands down, it is the most effective and efficient Operating System that Microsoft have developed.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, I am a Microsoft MVP but if you take a look at the posts and articles I have written recently , I hardly think I can be called a company man.

Anyway, here’s the point. That conversation got me thinking, just how many enterprise customers are actively exploring the move to 7, actively upgrading or have upgraded?

My buddy made this $500 bet with me. He said that by the summer of 2011, he didnt think there would be 10 Windows 7 customers in the Fortune 500. Not even 10!

So, I have been doing my research and I made my calls to Microsoft to ask that question.

I got their PR firm on the phone and my question was “How many Fortune 500 customers are actively considering, in the process of upgrading or have upgraded to Windows 7?”

Here was their response:

Thank you for your call earlier this afternoon. Unfortunately, we don’t break out our statistics this way, but please do see the Windows for your Business blog where you can find a steady stream of customer evidence about Windows 7. Please let me know if I can be of further help here.

Translation – No- go away!

Having been to that site already, I knew that was a stalling tactic.

So my question to you guys and gals is twofold.

  1. Do you think my buddy is right? That adoption of Windows 7 will be low Enterprise wide by Summer of 2011.
  2. Do me a favor, if you are in a large company (anywhere in the world) and you are seriously looking at Windows 7, use the comments below and let us know. Obviously dont leave your real name. Just tell us what company and what phase of the Windows 7 software review/upgrade process you are in.


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