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Window Phone 7 System Evaluations

Window Phon 7 System EvaluationsAt 21:30 on October 11th 2010, Microsoft Officially Released the Smart Phone Operating System Windows Phone 7

At 21:30 on October 11th 2010, Microsoft officially released the smart phone operating system Windows Phone 7, and also announced the first use of Windows Phone 7 smart phone has 9, the first listing will be on 21th October.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 was published on MWC 2010 at the February this year; it is still based on Windows CE kernel. However, the user interface compared to the former version has changed dramatically, as a whole it is similar to the Microsoft’s own Zune player interface, icon of third-party applications’ display ways are different from other smart operating system.

Window Phone 7 System Evaluations

Now, we will conduct a careful system analysis with the help of the following pictures.

Locking Picture

First, let’s take a look at the lock screen picture, you will find the Windows Phone 7 of the lock screen is quite simple, standby mode screen, only time and date information, appear in white font in the bottom of the screen, you can use favorite photos as locking picture. This is time for the Windows Phone 7 to show the benefits of mobile high-resolution.

While in the standby screen can also display other notifications, including the number of missed calls, voice mail status, unread messages (MMS), unread messages, etc. It can even tell you whether the phone is in vibration, is connected to WiFi.

256 MB of RAM?

The beginning of Windows Phone 7 interface has been completely out of the previous Windows Mobile interface to our feelings. Windows Phone 7 new interface give our first feeling like a magazine, various program icons piece together with the box model, it looks like lack of other smart phones tidy menu, but the aesthetic level and personalization are much higher than the other intelligent systems.

In the icon displays, the icons are not uniform in size; this also brings more personality elements, some of the window frame is square, some are the size of two square rectangle, you can use your fingers sliding around on the screen to switch interface, of course, see more boxes.

At the same time Windows Phone don’t adopt static icons and numbers in the form of adding words to express. Built-in windows shows the dynamic numerous information.Telephone, information, e-mail box display new missed calls, unread messages, the number of messages received, it is much like iPhone.

You can almost put anything in the entire screen, not just the shortcut of applications and network. Small changes in phone interface, because the phone is a common feature, of course, the simpler the better, if the design is very complex, people will feed up with it.

Software store has become the land of all firms compete for, we are pleased to see Windows Phone 7, Market stores have come. There is everything in the srore, including software, Xbox games, music, video, and yet are free of charge.

For people who like the mobile game, this is the most important; take mobile phone to play Xbox , it is cool. Xbox Live is the Windows Phone 7 core at the games. You can even customize the avatar, or put your head on the game; you also can share your game scores and progress with friends and so on.

Evaluation Summary: Windows Phone OS 7 really gives us a fresh experience, compared to the past complex; it has a lot of progress. The ability to integrate easily operations and gorgeous interface, for Microsoft, it is really not easy. While adding the social integration of the system, for younger users is also a big temptation. With these, Windows Phone has a strong c competitiveness at least I was optimistic, and you?

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