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Windows 7 Backdoor ! Fact Or Fool’s Day joke?

backdoor Today I came across this article (Microsoft denies it built ‘backdoor’ in Windows 7) in which there is apparently speculation that a three letter agency is asking Microsoft to provide it with a backdoor. Anyone with a brain recognizes this nonsense. Yes, I would say it is very likely that Windows 7 has built a back door to the same goes for older versions of Windows that would not be surprised if one also there. But the idea that three-letter agencies involved is just stupid.

The fact is that the government uses Windows, like millions of others. And with the growing threat of cyber attacks (Google it) always something a real problem, I think, three letters from various agencies want to ensure that the latest version of Windows is really “safe” this time. After all, no OS is 100% secure. But it can be quite a bit hardened when you ask help from experts.

This does not mean that some agencies to three letters may not want to take a look into someone’s PC if they deem it necessary, but I think most people understand little about the concerns of privacy outside. And if you are really interested, I recommend you again with the operating system source code that uses the mystery of the run. Because if you use Windows, you agree to TOS Microsoft. want And it’s clear as day to tell Microsoft to do what he can … need without the help of others.

Whether it be spyware/malware or something more “official,” in the end the best policy is to lock the system down the best you can and accept this is the license you have chosen. Sadly, as much as I will get grief for saying it, no one is making you use Windows. Use it or don’t.

  1. listen to all people who are worried about this
    there is no backdoor i myself have hacked into a windows 7 start-up disk and theres nothing that could be used as a backdoor. the only possible answer that i could think of is if the backdoor is palnted in internet explorer or somethign but you would think someone would have found it by now. and i have 2 computers at my house one with xp other with windows 7 they both download at 650 kb/s but is there was a uploading backdoor that uploaded everything you did it would have to upload so much so fast it effect your download speed a lot.

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