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Windows 7 Boot Manager

Perhaps the best Windows operating system version has been launched Windows 7 many new features compared to its predecessors. If you dual-boot Windows plans 7, with another pre-installed Windows XP or Windows Vista installation on separate drives, you need to know about the Windows 7 boot manager. This is a new feature in Windows 7, especially for dual-boot or multi boot systems designed. In the following lines you will find a detailed description of the features of Windows 7 boot manager. I also discuss remedial measures that you need to know if you find missing Windows 7 boot manager.

About Windows 7 Boot Manager

With an intention it easier for users of Windows 7 in dual boot with other versions of Windows such as Windows XP or Windows Vista, the Windows 7 boot manager has been created. There are many Windows XP or Windows Vista Loyalists who still likes this operating system installed on a separate drive keep volume and would still benefits of the newer version.

You need to install separately to this boot manager. It comes in as part of the operating system. If you have an existing Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system, install Windows 7 on another partition. I assume that you know how to install Windows.

After you install Windows 7 and reboot, the Boot Manager will automatically in action and show you a list of existing boats options which will contain Windows XP and Windows 7. The chosen one to choose the Manager you can between the two systems installed and loads.

How to Remove Entry From Windows 7 Boot Manager?

Sometimes you would on Windows 7 to get used to and decide to do away with the other OS version. In this case you would format to the drive with the other OS and delete the entry from the Boot Manager record. To achieve this, enter “msconfig” in the search box of your Windows 7 installed.

Click on the search result shows ‘msconfig’ executable file and in the window that opens, select the ‘ boot tab. There is a collection of bootable versions of the operating system. Select the previous version that you delete from boot order and press the “Delete” button. Save the changes and close the window. You will no longer be given a dual-boot option and Windows 7 boot by default.

Windows 7 Boot Manager Missing – What to Do?

If you find that somehow Boot Manager your file missing, and face boot problems reported to have it install back. To achieve this, you will need your Windows 7 installation disc. Set the installation or recovery CD and restart the computer. Choose the “repair Windows 7″-option. The files that are corrupted is restored including Windows 7 Boot Manager and on a restart, it works again.

With the Windows 7 boot manager, it is easier to dual boot between earlier and current versions of Windows operating system. Anyone curious about removing Windows 7 boot manager should know that there is “clear” no built-in features of Windows 7 boot manager. If you plan to install a dual boot system with Windows and a Linux distribution, you can use Grub boot loader “instead of to the work that comes as part of any Linux distribution will get. Hope this article has deleted most of your doubts, as does Windows 7 boot manger and how it could be found in the case, missing is fixed.

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