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Windows 7 Clean Install

A Windows 7 clean install is the best way to get the operating system on your computer, but there are some things to consider before upgrading in order to help smooth over the process.

Windows 7 Clean Install

The best practice for installing a new operating system is to start with a clean slate. This allows you to bury all your drivers and software without worry or hidden Registry settings and old software can not install cause the conflicts. It makes for a much cleaner and gives you a chance to evaluate what programs you want to restore and you can organize your data for the transition to the new operating system.
Before you computer, run a clean installation of Windows 7 on your, you need a little preparation work. This Windows 7 clean installation guide, we become aware of some things before you keep the formatting the hard drive and install the latest version of Windows. For example, you may consider a new hard drive when you upgrade an old computer. It also helps an extra computer at hand, if you download the driver.

Netbook users should read this article on installing Windows 7 on a netbook because the process is slightly different.

Consider Buying a New Hard Drive

If your computer has more than two or three years old are and do a clean installation of Windows 7 or to other new operating system, you may also consider a new hard drive. This is the hard drive is a mechanical device and can slow worn during the time of the parts. I’ve personally seen experience huge declines machines in performance over a period of two years, just because they were constantly in use in offices, were manned 24 / 7.

When such a machine I replaced the hard disk been reinstalled and the operating system and it made a very significant difference how quickly the machine works. Can a huge size of the disk, these days for less than $100. In fact, spend many people a little extra, a solid to get state drive only for the operating system faster than mechanical hard disks because SSD has no moving parts and are essential. Buy another good reason to a new hard disk is restore process making it so much easier backup and if you install the new operating system the old to a new drive without format.

In fact you can keep a dual boot system if you ever need to return to your “old” computer system. The additional costs will turn away some users, but there are advantages to a second hard drive. So make sure you have is in your case and your power supply is strong enough to another drive to handle. Also make sure that you the way that is supported by your motherboard.

Back Up Your Data

When buying a new hard drive is not, you must ensure that you have a backup copy of all data before installing the new operating system. This is a real new installation requires you formatting the hard disk will erase anything. You must format to the drive and already the new operating system and runs if you notice something we forget, because then it will be long gone, if you invest utilities in some file recovery. Back up your user data depends you what software you are using and what files you have saved.

For example, most people save photos and Word documents in the My Documents folder and this should be the first thing you are secure. What some people may not realize that their iTunes library is not automatically transferred, so that you back up your iTunes library before you need to Windows 7. Be sure to save you read my article on, like Windows to transfer your iTunes library to 7 for more information. In addition to things like photos and music, also some program settings and options can you want.

In Adobe Dreamweaver, for example, you can store all your site settings in a configuration file and then import this setting later when running the new operating system the software you reinstalled. For Web developers, this saves you a lot of time and potential technical problems in the transition to a new operating system.

Install Windows 7

Is no matter whether you install on your old operating system or a new hard drive, 7 reinstall Windows format process pretty painless. I recently changed my HP Desktop on Windows 7 and had no major problems. I have a new hard drive and installed my old with Windows Vista, so I could have a dual boot system for testing purposes.

If you have one a replacement computer or access to desired maybe obvious it keeps on when the install for Windows 7 is completed. The reason is that you need to download drivers for your computer. For example, if your computer connects Internet through a wireless network connection but your computer have the right wireless networking drivers for Windows 7, then can you go wrong with this machine online and use it. Here is a replacement PC is, for example, very useful. They could only the drivers on the replacement computer and transfer it via Flash drive.

If you have not a replacement computer you to the download system Windows 7 drivers for your. This depends strongly on the hardware manufacturer, and the main driver for your network card (NIC) or wireless network adapter. Once you have it installed, so your new Windows 7 machine can go online, then you can download the rest yourself.

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