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Windows 7 coming to iPad (via Citrix client)

It is blasphemy, we know. But Citrix has your Windows 7-thin client running iPad emulator. It will probably be placed on the market if that iPad on March 26 (or thereabouts) is released. As a Mac in business, writes, iPad as a thin client? You bet. As a thin client even the $499-model is a pretty amazing product, a pretty great value and certainly good enough from the standpoint of the CPU and RAM. And it is much better than a cheaper Windows-based NetBook because 1024 x 768 screen the minimum for a good Citrix client is actually quite a lot and almost all Netbooks are much lower resolution than that. On-screen keyboard a pain? Perhaps, but it is at least a physical keyboard [and many Bluetooth] so far option, and it will be more in the future.

This is only the thin end of iPad wedge you are closer than the product release can we expect an explosion of developer announcements, some of them will be pretty exciting for the company.

Think how the iPad for doctors on round or sales could make calls people. How about insurance adjusters? How about law enforcement? There are certainly other products in these market segments, some of you well entrenched, but with the right developers behind the iPad is going to be a major player.

Sure that companies should have your apps to the Web years ported, but of course we have yet decrepit IT departments, on OS-specific leave applications (, which is code for Windows). There is also the declining number of sites that list only run on ActiveX-enabled IE now pulled from the iPad’s “not possible”.

Oh, and if you really need to, you can do Flash too.

What we’re really excited about here is the opportunities for businesses to buy their employees iPads. Anyone out there able to get their employers to subsidize their new Apple kit?

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