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Windows 7 launch, Archos 9, Kindle for Windows

Well it is October 22 and all tech lover eyes are watching on the launch of Windows 7 today.

1. Windows 7 launch at New York
It’s been a success launch at New York. The event showcases not only the Windows 7 OS but also all the new hardware around it that makes the OS shine. From the ultra thin new Dell Adamo XPS, to multi touch LCD screens, these hardwares really showcase the capability of Microsoft new OS. I’ve been using the new OS for almost a month now and all I can say, good job Microsoft. Here’s quick coverage by Natali Del Conte.

2. Archos 9
Along with the announcement of Windows 7, Archos officially makes it available their newest 8.9 inches Windows 7 based tablet. With the weight of 1.8lb and capable of 1080p full HD video, this is a perfect slate based entertainment tablet. Some of other highlight features are: 0.7 inches thick, HDMI output, tactile resistive touch screen. Hmm .. yummy .. I wish it is a 6 inches though, that will be perfect for me.

3. Amazon Kindle reader coming to Windows 7
With a very competitive challenge from Barnes and Nobles (from $259 BN Nook, eReader for iPhone and PCs), Amazon has to response with various news today. First of all, Amazon drop the regular Kindle and replace it with the international version of Kindle at one-low-price $259 (matching BN Nook). But more interestingly, during the Windows 7 launch event, Amazon show case its reader on a Windows 7 tablet PC. With multi touch capability, this is going to be sweet (another reason to think about getting Archos 9).

Alright, see you all tomorrow for the weekend recap of my three gadgets news in 60 seconds.

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