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Windows 7 network password (add/reset/remove)

Question 1:

I meet installed Windows 7 on my screen and i’m having a bit of an outlet with figuring out how to get files without requiring the otherwise computers to participate a username/password. In XP Pro i had it set up that if any computer on the mesh written “\\chaoflan” they had present make to my granitelike ride. They could reduplicate anything, withdraw anything, Grumbling examine. I hump this is “unsafe” but i don’t guardianship because it’s a base scheme.

Question 2:

how to add a network password so that access computer on the homegroup are required to enter username and password when trying to access shared files on my laptop.

Answer 1:

Microsoft Support Engineers cannot help you retrieve passwords of files and features in Microsoft products that are lost or forgotten. For more information regarding this policy please refer to the sticky below:

Answer 2:

Make sure the Windows 7 Workgroup Name is the same as the Vista and XP computers.

And in Windows 7 > Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center >

“Change Advanced Sharing Settings” in upper left-hand corner >

Turn on:

Network discovery
File and Printer Sharing

You choice for the other Options there: Password,  Encryption, etc..
Read the info with each of the options

Above link is to Windows 7 Forums, for more Technical questions about windows 7.

Answer 3:

Now let’s turn off the password-protection sharing on your computer to do that you need to follow the steps provided below:

i.                    Click on start, type in network and sharing center

ii.                  Click on change advanced sharing center

iii.                Click on home or work

iv.                 Under Password protected sharing

v.                   Select Turn Off password protection sharing

Link for reference:

Now you need to follow the steps provided below if the above provided solution doesn’t resolve the issue.

1.      If your network contains computers running different versions of Windows, put all computers in the same workgroup

2.       Make sure your firewall allows file and printer sharing

3.      Turn on additional file and printer sharing options

Now you need to follow the below provided links to check whether you are able to connect to home network.

Home sweet homegroup

Sharing files with HomeGroup

Now you need to visit the link which will assist you in troubleshooting the network issues.

Using the Network troubleshooter in Windows 7

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