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Windows 7 OS Recovery

Few days ago, I bought an ACER laptop, with genine windows7 home starter os installed. for some reasons, my laptopĀ  software crash, therefore i brought it back to the store where i bought it for service. only to find out, there is no back up software fore my os because according to the technician, the os was already preprogrammed.

Is it possible that i may still recover it? i have the serial number for it was attached to bootom of my laptop.

By: Ruben B. Cangas II


As was the case with Vista when Windows becomes unbootable, you can use system recovery tool, in Windows 7, the installation DVD options for recover the system.

Windows 7 also incorporates a very interesting feature: the creation of a repair disk directly from the system.

  • In Control Panel, click System and Security (System and Security), and then click Backup and Restore (Backup and Restore).
  • In the left pane, click Create a system recovery disk (Create a system recovery disc);
  • Insert a blank CD in the DVD, and then click Create Disk (Create Disc).
  • The disc is created is a few seconds:
  • To check, reboot the system on the DVD player.
  • After loading the files, select the language, and then click Next (Next).
  • Windows 7 installed the system is found, click Next (Next):
  • The recovery tools appear:
    1. Repair boot (Startup Repair)
    2. System Restore to an earlier date (System Restore)
    3. Restoring a backup image (Image Recovery System)
    4. Memory Diagnostic Tool Windows (Windows Memory Diagnostic)
    5. Command Prompt (Command Prompt)
  • It is hoped that the PC brand that does not provide the installation DVD will not bypass this feature which will repair a failing system.

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