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Windows 7 replace Windows Vista

Windows 7 is the next version of Microsoft Windows that will replace Windows Vista. Microsoft announces that the development of Windows 7 in three years. Client version of Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit version be released, although the server (Windows Server 2008 replace is) will appear only in the 64-bit version. The design of Windows 7 is for people more easily between open Windows, to move files and applications.

It also is supposed to give PC users faster access to recently used files, and make home networking more automatic, according to Microsoft’s alleged. Most likely, Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista, scheduled to premiere in early 2010.

Here are advantages windows seven who exhibited Professional Developers Conference a conference for developers.

1. Faster and More Stable than on windows Vista.
Windows 7 has a performance that is more stable than windows vista.
Windows 7 is also more responsive and more efficient in the use of batteries.
2. You can select the Wireless Network Only with one click from the system tray.
Having a practical step in choosing a wireless network that you can select Wireless Network with just one click from the system tray.
3. Displays a warning message if there are changes in your computer.
System displays a report if there is a change to your computer. Will display a warning message when your computer system has changed and you also can setting the level of privacy. Ranging from “tell me everything” to “do not tell me squad”.
4. The absence of the sidebar, but it has a lot of gadgets.
In the absence of seven windows sidebar, but the gadget-gadget gives a chance still exists and can fit your desires.
5. The existence of the Library that can organize your documents according to type.
Features of Windows 7 is the library that will organize your documents according to type.

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