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Windows 7 RTC on HTC Shift

Last night I decided to install the Windows 7 RC to my HTC Shift. My first attempt resulted blue screen of death right after trying installing the old Intel video driver.

I gave another try and this time I let Win 7 to use the native video card driver. Voilà it works!\n\nI have liberated my SnapVue prior this experiment. So after Win 7 is installed, all I have to do is to run the USB tool from the WinMo and Win 7 will install the rest.\n\nI am happy to report that all functionalities works under Win 7. The tablet function is superior and I love the on screen keyboard so much that I know rarely use the slide out keyboard for any quick typing activity. Snap Control application works. The only thing that you need to do differently is you have to turn off the Aero theme to use the screen resolution change function. If not, you will get you blue screen of death! \n\nIn summary, I am happy that I did it. I think the Shift is now much more fun to use. Better performance and better tablet PC!

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