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Windows 7 sails past 25% market share mark

Microsoft is celebrating this week, after new stats show Windows 7 is rapidly increasing its presence on the PC market.

If you have been following the success of Windows 7, including when it took 10% market share after three months, and when Windows 7 finally surpassed Windows Vista in August, you’ll see it’s having a huge impact on the market.

Windows 7 has now nabbed 25 percent of the PC market, with Windows XP slipping to 50 per cent.

The new stats are from and its inevitable that Windows 7 adoption will just keep growing.

According to, Windows 7 has now punched through the 25% market share barrier, while Windows XP is still continues its slow decline, hitting 50% this month.

All systems are go

Windows 7 recently passed its first birthday in October, where it has already sold over 240 million licenses, with an estimated 300 million before the end of the year. The successful release of the operating system has been praised by consumers, businesses and media alike. In November 2009, Windows 7 managed to surpass Apple’s Snow Leopard market share in just two weeks.

It’s estimated that Windows 7 will reach 300 million licenses by the end of the year, having sold over 240 million back in October.

Windows 7 still has a lot of momentum behind it, and with its first service pack (SP1) just around the corner, it will likely see an accelerated adoption rate with waiting customers. With the holiday season quickly approaching in a few weeks, consumers will be swapping out their old computers for brand new ones. Windows 7 will come pre-installed on 93% of all new PCs.

Add to this the fact that 93 per cent of all new PCs will have Windows 7 pre-installed on a whopping 93 per cent of all new PCs.

It is estimated that Windows 7 will finally surpass Windows XP around this time next year, considering the projected paths both operating systems are currently on. Microsoft announced in October that Windows 7 has received a 94% satisfaction rate with customers, and 88% of businesses will be moving to Windows 7 in early 2011.

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