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Windows 7 Transparent Screen Locker: ClearLock

We all are aware of default ‘Win + L’ key for locking the windows. But, if you are looking for something stylish lock screen, then ClearLock can be a nice option for you. ClearLock is a transparent screen locker, which will not allow any user to perform any task until the user puts the valid password.

The utility comes with a file size of 980KB. Once you download the zip file, just run the application. It will initially ask you to enetr the password and then confirm it. Later on this password, can be used to unlock the locked screen.

While entering the password, if you enter the wrong password for 3 times, then you will not be allowed to login for next 5 minutes.  And once you login, you will be shown the number of times you failed to login.

It`s a nice screen locker utility. You just have to be careful while setting up the password. Make sure you remember  your password later on.

Download ClearLock

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