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Windows 7 Ultimate Features

Windows 7 is a group of operating systems created by Microsoft. With multiple versions of the software available for purchase, choosing the correct one for your specific needs is crucial. With Windows 7 Ultimate edition, you get all the features of the Home and Professional editions of the software, making the Ultimate version the most complete of the set.

Home Premium Features

The features of Vista Home Premium are, in most part, included in all superior versions of Windows 7, including Ultimate. Some of these features include integrated Bluetooth support, the improved Internet Explorer 8, DirectX 11 (for gaming graphics), Backup and Restore, parental controls, user account controls and Windows Firewall. Another new feature included in Home Premium and superior versions of Windows 7 is Internet TV. This feature allows you to watch TV and movies from multiple sources online through Windows Media Center without requiring a TV tuner. Although most of the content offered with Internet TV is free, there are some paid features, such as the ability to watch movies in your Netflix queue from Windows Media Center.

Professional Features

The Professional edition of Windows 7 is — as the name suggests — designed for professional and business use. The features listed here are included in both Professional and Ultimate, but not in Home Premium. Business allows for remote desktop connections, group policy controls, file system encryption and Windows XP Mode. Windows XP Mode allows you to use older software designed for Windows XP that otherwise wouldn’t be compatible with Windows 7. Domain Join, another new feature, allows businesspeople to quickly and easily connect to workplace domains with their personal PC, provided you are within range of the network. The Business and Ultimate versions of Windows 7 feature an advanced Backup and Restore center capable of backing up entire networks and group policies.

Ultimate Features

Although the purpose of Windows 7 Ultimate is to offer all of the features included in other iterations of the software, it even has a few features unique to this version of Windows 7. Ultimate features language packs, which allows users to easily switch between 35 languages by downloading a language pack through Windows Update. BitLocker is a new security feature that automatically encrypts all data on your drive, providing much added security. For IT professionals, Windows 7 Ultimate has features such as AppLocker, which allows them to control which applications users can access.

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