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Windows 8 Facial Recognition Review

We’ve known for nearly a year that microsoft is building facial recognition technology into glass windows 8, potentially offering a more secure (and fun) way to log into your computer. Now it appears microsoft is obtaining closer to creating this reality, according to internet sites which have released leaked early builds of the next-generation operating system.

Windows 8 Facial RecognitionWindows 8 is not officially announced yet, but there are so may rumors about Windows 8. Using a leaked early build of Windows 8, the hackers at Windows8italia discovered a sensor programming interface with the ability to “detect human presence.” Microsoft already offers facial recognition on gaming systems through Kinect and Xbox Live.

A “detect human presence” API is in an early copy of glass windows 8, according to an article on Slashgear which hyperlinks back again to leaked glass windows 8 images released by Windows8Italia.

Details are scarce, but this could possibly be associated to facial recognition solutions noted in mid-2010 in glass windows 8 preparing documents that microsoft shared with partners. following those preparing documents have been leaked last year, we reported the following:

By 2012 sensors for instance microphones, cameras, GPS, accelerometers, and temperature and magnetic sensors will be typical in most PCs, allowing glass windows 8 to interact with the user’s atmosphere in new and fascinating ways.

One scenario uses facial recognition software to verify a user’s identity.

“Amish walks into his property office,” microsoft writes in one of various fictional scenarios outlined in the glass windows 8 slide decks. “The proximity sensor on his PC detects motion, and wakes the PC. through the time Amish sits down, his PC is powered up. It scans his deal with and logs him in. Finally, when Amish will get up and leaves, his PC notices that he’s gone and locks itself and powers down.”

Face recognition or facial recognition is a feature where a software/device identify a person by analyzing the face on a digital image. Typically, a sensor will be attached to the device which can make digital images of the face and the software will analyze the image to identify the face against the face images stored in the database. If the face image of person matches any face images in the database, it will recognize the person. Building facial recognition into Windows 8 itself would greatly expand use of the technology.

Windows 8 may also eliminate the require for remembering passwords throughout several websites.

“Password discomfort has reached a tipping point,” microsoft says. “Windows 8 could consist of a way to securely store usernames and passwords, simplifying the online experience.”

That squares with an additional part of what Windows8Italia is reporting. According to a google translation, the early construct of glass windows 8 suggests it “will be feasible to entry the personalization, bookmarks and content material from any computer.”

Microsoft already offers facial recognition on gaming models via Kinect and Xbox Live. Lenovo announced facial recognition login in laptops as far back again as 2007, and built-in cameras are fairly typical in computers nowadays. building facial recognition into glass windows 8 itself would significantly expand use of the technology.

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