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Why Windows 8 is Important to Microsoft?

Ben Bajarin could be the Director of Consumer Technology evaluation and evaluation at Creative Strategies, Inc, a technology marketplace evaluation and marketplace intelligence firm located in Silicon Valley.

Earlier using the week microsof company gave the world a more in-depth preview of their up coming operating method at their developer conference called BUILD. Many using the marketplace experienced their eyes and ears closely tuned to what microsof company would unveil at this year’s conference. The accomplish cause for this can be because many understand that microsof company needs a breakthrough OS release.

The technology marketplace is moving astonishingly fast. microsof company historically does not move that fast, and if microsof company doesn’t possess a hit with its up coming major OS release, my concern is that the marketplace could pass them by.

As I look at what is being proven and also the emphasis that microsof company is putting on developers to re-write or write new apps using the Metro UI aspect of Windows, it helps make me believe that microsof company is trying to begin over with glass windows 8.

In fact, this can be particularly what I believe they need to do. Start over fresh and re-build glass windows using the ground up using the up coming 10+ years. And using the cloud being particularly where most belonging toward apps will reside, there is no better time than the present to take this radical step. I also believe they should consider not even calling it glass windows 8 but something completely new.

Microsoft needs a ground-breaking release. Something consumers could get excited about and, more importantly, something their hardware partners can grab onto and exploit for everyone’s benefit. The accomplishment of glass windows 8 is not just critical for microsof company however it can be also critical using the whole tech industry. microsof company carries a huge number of partners using the tech eco-sphere; many firms depend on microsof company to take them in to the future.

This is specially legitimate using the reliable products manufacturers (OEMs) who make private computers. everyone outside of Apple who helps make private laptops ships Windows. They literally have no other reasonable option.

Many of those partners also make factors like tablets, and some also make smartphones. To day they have leaned on Google’s Android to provide the OS layer of their hardware.

I understand that many of those same firms would love for microsof company to possess a hit with glass windows 8 so they may support them with a tablet and possibly a smartphone as well. I hear over and over once more that equipment makers would love to possess an alternative to Android.

Microsoft will hopefully now provide their partners a major alternative with glass windows 8. The aim and method with glass windows 8 to unify an OS throughout PCs, tablets and most possibly mobile phones could be an astonishingly risky play. close to the other hand it could be 1 that will pay off in droves if they do it right.

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