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Windows 8 Strategy Leaked

Looks like another employee has accidentally leaked company secrets. Well, not secrets about his own company. It seems one Derek Goode, in possession of slides on Windows 8, posted them online in a public place. Probably by accident, but you never know. An Italian blog then got their hands on the slides and the web has been buzzing ever since. The slideshow covers many details of the new operating system, including information on launch strategy and a Windows App store.

They are not all that specific on Windows 8 features, but offer a unique inside look at at Windows 8 and enough information that they seem pretty authentic. One slide shows that Windows has been eyeing Apple’s swag and looks to duplicate the same type of customer loyalty and ease of use.

Face detection is a pretty exciting feature to come see. Windows 8 users can completely avoid the hassle of logins and passwords while still compete to a certain degree of security. Just sit down before your computer and your webcam identifies your face to you in your system to have. User accounts can be stored in the cloud, so you can have a roaming profile. Carry around your settings wherever you go. All this creates a user-oriented system for identity management.

Once again seem to recognize Microsoft to trends and try, they stay on top. The slides show a focus on the customer as an individual, even in the case of companies. Repeatedly talk about the ecosystem around their software became an important factor for success. Commitment is a priority in selecting their target groups and addressing their developer market.

Form factor is also a concern here. The slides talk about 3 major formats: Slate, Laptop, and All-in-one. Yes, they are discussing Windows Slate devices. Other features mentioned include:

  • A push-button reset feature which will do a complete re-install without destroying your personal data
  • Better help system so that users can fix things on their own
  • A Windows App Store
  • Fast startup. This seems to be a way to make boot/shutdown look faster by simply combining logout/login and hibernate.

Microsoft has yet to comment on the slides, but they do look pretty official. Each one has a watermark with a “Microsoft confidential – released to … Under NDA.” Another important point to note is that each slide also says “DISCLAIMER – WINDOWS 8 DISCUSSION, THIS IS NOT A PLAN OF RECORD.” This indicates that, assuming these slides are the real deal, the end strategy could be vastly different. More details at the Microsoft Kitchen.

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