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Windows Vista Security Resources

Windows Vista, released in 2009, was Microsoft’s stepping stone between its Windows XP operating system and Windows 7. Windows 7 improved many of the Vista operating system’s security issues, making it important for Windows Vista owners to continue to stay up-to-date with the latest security resources online. As of 2010, Microsoft and third-party vendors have a versatile set of resources to make sure your Windows Vista system stays protected.

Windows Update

The most important resource for Windows Vista is running regular system updates through Microsoft Update and staying aware of any security updates. As Microsoft discovers vulnerabilities within the operating system, they release new patches and updates to Windows Vista owners through the Windows Update tool. In many cases, these updates will be small downloads to fix a very specific problem, so it’s important to check regularly. For information on how to use Windows Update, or for the latest set of updates released, go to the Windows Update website.

Spyware Software

Microsoft Windows Vista ships with the Windows Defender program, which is designed to detect and remove spyware, adware and malware programs you may inadvertently install while surfing the Web. Such programs are a dangerous threat. At worst, they may capture and share your personal information, and even more innocuous ones may slow down your system. Unfortunately, independent tests show Windows Defender missed up to 84 percent of spyware threats. For maximum security, consider reinforcing your system with third-party adware removal tools.

Software Updates

Updating your operating system is not enough–it’s important to make sure the software on your system remains up-to-date, too. Hackers sometimes target vulnerabilities in software like Microsoft Internet Explorer or even Microsoft Office to take advantage of your system. Make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest set of software updates for these, as it will go a long way toward helping protect your Windows Vista system.

Microsoft Security Blog

Microsoft operates a security blog as a resource to help you be more security-conscious when using your Windows Vista operating system. The blog is updated with frequent posts about how to protect your system and information and, in the event of an immediate security threat, provides steps on how to protect your system.

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