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WP7 Integrates Netflix, AT&T U-verse and Xbox Live

Windows Mobile 7 voted a number of features currently not on any other platform. These make it a destination for customer entertainment interested in gaming and areas where Android lacks something and the iPhone is just the beginning.

Netflix via telephone 7 offers much more than simple queue management. As we found early, Netflix instant play is fully supported. While the iPhone has instant is play and Netflix still people hire looking to develop the feature verse on Android. Another area in the Windows Mobile 7 seems AT & T U is. U-verse customers can manage their DVR recordings from your mobile device in addition to downloading reveals over Wi-Fi mobile phone watch.

Even those who can not U-verse customers get the service for $9.99 / month, compared to both Netflix and Hulu plus is. While streaming video would be nicer, U verse are still other outlet for entertainment. IPhone helps U-verse, but only for AT & T U-verse customers. It is not yet known whether these changes in the Windows Mobile 7 app is to migrate.

At this point, I am not aware of such an app for Android. Not even to control your DVR, although it me a cell phone (WAP) page that supports it. One of the interesting and unique features of Windows Mobile 7 is the integration with Xbox Live. How titles such as Tetris, monopoly playing Sims, and for speed undercover need on your mobile phone Xbox Live you can your services via.

While mobile gaming has grown by leaps and bounds and the iPhone is struggling with Nintendo, Nintendo although admit it denied), Windows Mobile 7 things could up a notch by several players easier to mobile and integrated with your existing network Xbox kick.

AT&T is offering Windows Phone 7 customers an entertainment pack, which includes some free goodies to get people hooked on the subscription services:

  • The 3-D puzzle game ilomilo
  • 30-day free trial of AT&T U-verse
  • 30-day free trial of Zune Pass, Microsoft’s music subscription service, with 10 free downloads

Windows Phone 7 is not playing any games here. It seems like they’ve covered all the bases and anticipated where the mobile scene was moving. Xbox live support will be big and probably exclusive to Windows phones. We already see iPhone and Android trying to duplicate Xbox Live on the mobile side. While Netflix is at least working on streaming on Android, I suspect AT&T has other reasons why they’ve ignore the platform entirely.

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